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Disposable sterile scalpels.




More details

Ergonomic with very original handle design:

• Excellent grip and comfortable finger position.

• Fingers are perfectly positioned for better control during surgical procedures.

• Several handling alternatives to fit your method.

• Soft and solid handle.

• A Graduation helps draw the incision outline.

More precision for an optimal procedure

• Excellent grip due to special handle design.

• Better finger positioning for precise control over the incision.

• Graduation allows to measure and mark the size of incision.

• Exceptional quality of Nessipen blades, developed and tested in cooperation

with wellknown surgeons.

Enhanced safety

• Disposable sterile instrument.

• Protective plastic cap covers the blade to prevent mishandling.

• A stopper prevents the protection cap shifting too far and exposing the blade.

• Blade size is clearly visible for extra security.

• Enhanced grip for more precise and optimal procedure.

  • Designation : Disposable and sterile.
  • Class : IIa.
  • Sterilization :  Gamma radiations.
  • Utilisation :  Device for surgical interventions.
  • Composition : Latex free- Handle and guard : plastic- Blade : Carbon steel.
  • Norms : ISO 7740 and NF EN 27740: Instruments for surgery. Scalpels with detachable blades. Fitting dimensions
  • Handle sizes : Width 10-13 mm - Thickness : 4 mm (without blade).
  • Packaging : Carton of 10 boxes of 10 scalpels. Each scalpel is in individual transparent pouch.